The Arthur D. Brown Enrichment Center


The Arthur D. Brown Enrichment Center held its open house on Sunday, December 14, 2003.

The Brown Center, located at 36 Cook Avenue, serves as a base to intersect with other community-based organizations and local academic civic institutions to enrich the lives of its members and local community. 


The Center's approach is examining relevant interdisciplinary research and seeking "Applied Solutions" to social concerns, as well as looking for opportunities to enrich life.  The center houses the state-of-the-art video and sound systems for distant learning and television viewing, as well as "a place for fellowship".

The Brown Center provides space for meetings, the Smith Library and readings, personal meditation and scholarly bible study, youth meetings, as well as offices for the pastor, trustees, church clerk and secretary.  "The loft" holds study and fun space.

The Center's name honors one of Madison's most respected citizens, a stakeholder who embodies 'the essence of an enriched life'.   Mr. Arthur D. Brown, 90, had been a member of First Baptist Church for 53 years.    


Arthur D. Brown was a native of Madison, New Jersey, and a product of its public school system.  He is the son of Irvin and Pearl Brown of Madison.  He was married to his lovely wife, Muriel Doris Kyes, for nearly 60 years.  They were blessed with a son, A. David, Jr., and a daughter, Muriel.  Both have blessed his name with four grandchildren.  David and his wife, Joan, have two children, Zackery and Joshua, and Muriel and her husband, Gary Lewis, have two children, Jason and Seth.



Arthur D. Brown's family operated the I.S. Brown & Son Diary for nearly 50 years.  They provided fresh milk products house-to-house in the Madison community.  Deacon Brown reminiscently recalls that milk was sold in those days for 17 cents a quart.  After the farm was sold, Mr. Brown worked for several diary companies.  Later he was employed as a salesman and supervisor for the Singer Sewing Machine and later expanded to other sewing machine companies.


Arthur D. Brown has served on the Board of Directors of the Madison YMCA and as a driver with the Ambulance Corp of Madison.


Arthur D. Brown Outreach Ministries

  • Chaplaincy Ministries
  • Educational Community Outreach Ministry
  • Disaster Relief, Community, Civic