First Baptist Church of Madison






The First Baptist Church Scholarship Committee was formed to honor Sister Shirley Hale’s name.  Its purpose is to carry out her passion and dedication to Christian education and her love for children.  Sister Hale was deeply devoted to instilling the word of God to all children big and small.  Even in her passing, Sister Hale wanted First Baptist Church to move forward with the teaching of God’s Word.  She left a very generous monetary gift which will be used to start the First Baptist Church Shirley Hale Scholarship Fund.


On October 2, 2014, the First Baptist Church Scholarship Committee met for the first time to implement a scholarship program using the funds Sister Hale left to First Baptist Church. 


The FBC Scholarship Committee Members are:

Rev. A. Craig Dunn – Advisor

Deaconess Allie Brewster – Chairperson

Trustee Jacqueline Love – Secretary

Minister Gordon Drewery

Deaconess Maxine Olidge

Deacon Edward Sallie

Sister Keva Holman


The Scholarship Committee has implemented the following Scholarship Funds:


  1. First Baptist Church Scholarship Fund:

    This scholarship will be distributed to qualified college applicants who need help with purchasing books, transportation to and from college, etc.  The monetary distribution may range from $250 - $500.00. Amounts are subject to change depending on funds in the account at the time of distribution.  The student will complete the application, submit the acceptance letter; and/or a copy of the invoice from college.


  2. First Baptist Church Shirley Hale Scholarship Fund

    This scholarship will be awarded to a qualified college student who has shown “exemplary” service to First Baptist Church and their community.  The college student will complete an application and submit a copy of the college acceptance letter and high school transcript. 



    The Scholarship Committee is dedicated to helping each and every one of our qualified applicants in pursuing their college dreams.